Tips for Hiring an Animal Removal Expert

Diagnose the situation

When you need someone with the expertise of trapping animals, there are several things one should look for. The following information can help narrow down the determination of who might do the best job. The majority of their work should be actual animal trapping. Upon initial contact expect to give them as much information as possible. That will help them to narrow down the options, depending on the variety of situations they have encountered and been successful with. Occasionally they may even be able to offer a solution that the homeowner can achieve themselves.

Once on scene, they should diagnose the situation and work on a solution. A general inspection of the area will give them the information needed to solve the problem at hand. Sometimes the cause of the problem isn’t apparent at first, and that’s when they may count on their trapper’s intuition.

Determine trap placement

When trapping is the decided way to go, then the trapper should show you how they do it. You want to hire someone who likes to keep their customers completely aware and in the know as to what is going on. You want them to show you how the traps work and how to maintain them for best results. You should check that the traps they will be using are humane, not cruel. The more you know the more efficient and effective the whole process is for you.


Figuring the best place to place the traps is key. The best place is probably going to be where they remain in a shaded area for the benefit of the animal, yet in a place where the animal is most likely to go. It’s usually best not to place traps on roofs or where exposure to the sun will cause dehydration of the animals. If you should decide to trap on your own, be sure to research different trapping techniques.

Company qualifications

In an average year, at least 95% of all animal removal and exclusion services are on residential homes. The animal removal company should recognize the fact that they are working for a homeowner and not a large corporation. As the homeowner one should look for a company that can see things from their customers’ point of view. One of the best companies for Tampa animal removal is Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control. They provide top notch service for their customers year-round.

When hiring a contractor for the job of removing wildlife from your property, one should look for the same qualities they would when hiring any type of contractor. Competence, Professionalism, Fair pricing, Honesty, Licensing, Insurance and Warranties are all things that one should consider when hiring any company to perform work at their home. As a customer, you should see all of these qualities in the technicians.

Other services most companies provide are details designed mainly for preventing animals from accessing the property. Repairs are the primary focus at the completion of a job. The goal should be to ensure that you will not have repeat encounters year after year. Simple things like replacing open vents to repairing sections of roofing will make it difficult for wildlife to enter your dwelling.

Animal Rescue Removal

Thank you for choosing Trapper John Animal Rescue / Removal. Our main goal is to humanely trap and remove urban wildlife from residential and commercial areas, and then to place them back in a more suitable environment. Licensed by California Fish & Game, we are trained professionals that put 100% of our knowledge through personal experience into solving your immediate problem,as well as providing future prevention from unwanted visitors.

Some people aren’t even aware that we are sharing our space with an amazing population of urban wildlife. Those of you that have had this experience know the nuisance that these unwelcome visitors can be. Most activity is among raccoons, opossums, and skunks. Other animals, such as birds, bees/wasps, feral cats, coyotes, and rodents are also problems that we are quite capable of dealing with.

Our objective is to remove any unwanted guests safely and humanely as possible. And as effectively and cost efficient for you, the client. We also do what we can to make sure that we are able to prevent any future endeavors with expert repairs and advice. Feel free to contact us with any questions. No matter how big or small.